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Trash Doctors has been operating along the US Gulf Coast since 2013, specializing in APHIS/MARPOL and Medical Waste processing. Servicing from Lake Charles, Louisiana to Pensacola, Florida, Trash Doctors’ management team has over 100 years of logistics experience and services many multi-national clients in the shipping industry as well as the foreign flagged shipping industry and US flagged vessels coming from foreign countries. Licensed and insured, we get the job done on time and under budget!

Donald Rulh, Jr.

President / Owner

Donald is a second-generation maritime professional and has literally grown up in the industry. After receiving his Bachelor of Science degree from Our Lady of Holy Cross College, Donald began his career coordinating transportation and dispatch operations among the many ports located along the Gulf of Mexico. He works closely with multiple government agencies on a daily basis while performing logistical maritime services and launch services. These agencies principally include U.S. Customs, I.N.S. Immigrations, and the U.S.D.A. Donald also has years of experience with tanker logistics (VLCC, ULCC, Panamax, LPG, Veg-oil, Grain, and others) as he has worked extensively to enter and clear foreign-flagged vessels, goods and crew from around the world into Gulf of Mexico ports. As a freight-forwarder, Donald has been instrumental in ensuring the on-time delivery and clearing of critical components for dozens of oil-field companies around the United States. Donald brings to MMS a vast experience and knowledge of logistics management in the maritime industry. In addition, Donald has contributed time towards his community by volunteering for the World Food Program to help with exporting food products to less fortunate countries, teaching special education, serving as a sports announcer for the Special Olympics, and coaching football. Donald Rulh is also President/CEO and Managing Partner of Fourchon Launch Services. Rulh’s understanding of regulatory compliance provides Trash Doctors with immense value and experience. Trash Doctors is proud to be a part of a family of locally owned and operated companies, and to learn more about the services sister company Fourchon Launch provides, please visit fourchonlaunch.com.

Scott Orgeron

Director of Operations

Scott is responsible for the day-to-day operations of Trash Doctors. He is tasked with coordinating garbage pickups and disposal, processing APHIS and nonregulated waste according to Customs and USDA guidelines; customer service, and invoicing. Scott leans on 18 years’ experience managing cruise line warehousing and freight forwarding on the Mississippi River. Scott received his Bachelor of Arts and Sciences degree from Louisiana State University.

Athen Sweet, CPA

Athen Sweet is responsible for business operations and financial management of the company. 15 years ago Athen began his career as a CPA in public practice where he ascended to partner in four short years and ultimately led the tax planning and for-profit consulting divisions of his firm. Athen has served as the fractional COO/CFO of companies in a variety of maturity stages, and has extensive transactional experience including valuations, capital raises, mergers & acquisitions, and liquidations. Athen has been certified as an expert by Courts in multiple State and Federal jurisdictions on issues of solvency, valuation, and M&A fairness. Athen has an MBA and a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Southeastern Louisiana University.

Janet Pipitone


Janet is responsible for recording and maintaining the business’ financial transactions, such as purchases, expenses, sales revenue, invoices and payments. Janet also maintains payroll, bank loans and all insurance needs. With 40+ years’ experience in all aspects of bookkeeping, the hallmark of Janet’s professionalism is attention to detail and a dedicated work ethic. Janet has been managing the back office for Donald Rulh’s family of companies for over a decade.

Why Trash Doctors

Services the Gulf Coast from Pensacola to Lake Charles

24/7/365 Around the Clock Dispatch

Experienced offshore / maritime & safety professionals that have a great understanding of regulatory compliance including Jones Act, USDA, USCBP & OSHA

Can handle all regulated & non-regulated needs

Locally owned & operated