Medical Waste

Trash Doctors offers comprehensive, reliable, and safe medical waste disposal services. With processing handled in house, and no third party involvement required, Trash Doctors is optimally placed to handle your medical waste disposal needs from start to finish. Both Trash Doctors facilities are strategically located with New Orleans, Louisiana in close proximity to major shipping ports. Port Bienville, Mississippi is located within port jurisdiction, which gives us ready access to water/barge deliveries and railroad infrastructure, and allows us to receive waste from up to seven states including Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Arkansas and Florida. In Hancock County, Mississippi we have a Solid and APHIS Waste Processing Permit and are written into the 20 year plan for Hancock County. We have also been issued a Medical Waste Processing Permit with medical waste processing services coming soon. Our premium placement, licensing and customer service sets us apart from our competition and makes Trash Doctors the preeminent choice for medical waste disposal services along the US Gulf Coast.

Facilities we are equipped to service for medical waste disposal include but are not limited to:


Urgent Cares

Private Practices

Veterinary Clinics



Why Trash Doctors

Services the Gulf Coast from Pensacola to Lake Charles

24/7/365 Around the Clock Dispatch

Experienced offshore / maritime & safety professionals that have a great understanding of regulatory compliance including Jones Act, USDA, USCBP & OSHA

Can handle all regulated & non-regulated needs

Locally owned & operated